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Private Yoga Lessons


As well as teaching public group classes at studios, I also offer two different types of private yoga lessons.

1. Private Lessons for Individuals:

Just like it sounds, it's you and me at your home, office, or yoga/fitness studio. The private lesson can explore a myriad of topics, it all depends on your needs: fundamentals of yoga, pre & post-natal yoga, recovering from an injury, how to start a meditation practice, or even just a well-rounded yoga sequence that gives you the feel of a group class within the privacy and comfort of your personal space, at a time that is most convenient for you.

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL!     60 minute sessions for only 70 €.

Individual Pricing for returning students:

  90 €     for 60 minute session
135 €     for 90 minute session

SAVE OVER 20%   with a pre-paid 4-session pack (60 minutes each): 285 €

Schedule your next private 1-on-1 lesson
by email:
or phone/text: (49) 160 515 7932

2. Private Lessons for Groups:

Tailored specifically to the needs of your group, we can relax and unwind, or move and sweat! Yoga increases office productivity, decreases back pain, and increases team morale, communication and creativity. The private group session is also a great and cost-effective option for couples/partners who want to practice together in a private setting.

Private Group Pricing:

125 €     for a single 60 minute session.
500 €     for 5 pre-paid 60 minute sessions (save 20%!).

Schedule your next private group lesson
by email:
or phone/text: (49) 160 515 7932

Weekly Public Class Teaching Schedule

Lady Sportiv Fitness Studio Sendling
Pfeuferstr. 34, 81373 Muenchen
Mondays:    9:15 - 10:15   Hatha Yoga
Tuesdays: 20:00 - 21:15   Power Yoga

Lady Sportiv Fitness Studio Schwabing
Hohenzoellerstr. 60, 80801 Muenchen
Thursdays: 10:00 - 11:00   Hatha Yoga
Thursdays: 17:40 - 18:40   Hatha Yoga
Fridays:       18:00 - 19:15   Hatha Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga Center Gaertnerplatzt
Buttermelcherstr. 11-15, 80469 Muenchen
Mondays:   20:15 - 21:45   Jivamukti Open Yoga Class
Thursdays: 20:15 - 21:45   Jivamukti Medium Yoga Class

Jivamukti YogaLoft Haidhausen
Woerthstr. 9 81667 Muenchen
Wednesdays: 18:30 - 20:00   Jivamukti Basic Yoga Class
Wednesdays: 20:15 - 21:45   Jivamukti Medium Yoga Class


Here's what people are saying about my classes:

"Thanks a lot!" gg

"Great foundation building! Enjoy the flow and your positive energy!"

"This yoga class made me feel happy and at peace. Thank you so much! My mind was really free."

"Kali kombiniert die Asanas perfekt mit Musik. So konnt man in einen wunderbaren Flow. Ihre Stunden sind anspruchsvoll, gut zu folgen, und sehr abwechslungsreich. Ich liebe Ihren Style. Danke für die tollen Yoga Stunden!"

"I really do enjoy your yoga classes: (Basic, Medium, Open), Kali! It's a very nice atmosphere and I always leave with a good feeling after practising yoga with you!"

"Super entspannte Klasse! Die Stimmung ist imer sehr gut und man kann sich gut auf die Yoga-Stunde verlassen."

"You can have it all in Kali's class, a good asana structure sequence, devotion through chanting and intention, a sense of humour, a calm voice, smart & small intelligent talks and the wonderful and warming touch of her presence."

"Kali gibt wunderbar abwechslunsreiche Yoga Stunden, mit meditativen und sportlichen Elementen. Durch ihre charmante und kompetente Art, macht es immer wieder Spass mit ihr zu üben."

"So viel Energie und zur Ruhe kommen zugleich, jede Woche ein neues Geschenk von Kali!"

"Ich bin froh, dass ich Kali's Yoga-Stunde entdeckt habe. Sie trifft einfach genau das, was ich gesucht habe."

"Kali is a wonderful teacher. She loves yoga and it's a treat to experience her sharing of that love. Starting mostly with a chant followed by a strong, joyful asana practice. You should come check it out for yourself :)"

"Super gelungene Yoga-Stunden in toller Kurs-Atmosphäre! Ich fühle mich immer super wohl und gut betreut!"

"Ich habe bisher unterschiedliche Yoga-Stunden in verschiedenen Studios besucht und bei Frau Kali Empl habe ich positive Erfahrungen gemacht. Sie hat eine sehr angenehme Stimme und Ihre Ausstralung inspiriert die Gruppe. Nach der Yoga-Stunde bin ich tief entspannt und gleichzeitig stark. Sie motiviert die Gruppe während der gesamten Stunde. Vielen Dank dafür."

Yoga Musings

January 2019

The 3 Gunas and Depression

Te-Vyakta-suksmaa gunaatmaanah - Patanjali's Yoga Sutras IV:13
- translation by Ramamurti S. Mishra

"Whether they are manifest (vyakta) or unmanifest (suksma), the past, present, and future phenomena are of the nature of the three gunas (cosmic forces): sattva - light; rajah - action, and tamah - inertia."


According to yogic philosophical texts, such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali quoted above, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and the Bhagavad Gita, the three gunas are described as qualities which, in combination, make up all of manifest & unmanifest reality. It may seem all a little vague, especially for a rather skeptically minded person like myself, but here's the breakdown: the quality of tamas is associated with inertia, feeling lazy and lethargic, procrastination, heaviness, darkness (as in lack of light), delusion, ignorance and stubbornness. Rajas is motion, passion, dynamism, creativity and restlessness. That which is sattvic, or having a preponderance of the sattva guna, is light, conscious, balanced, pure, steadfast and harmonious.

Do you suffer from depression? If you do, you are not alone. I do, too, as do more than 300 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. I would guess that the actual number is much higher. Although I don't suffer from it as intensely as some, when I am depressed, I experience symptoms of lethargy, sadness, delusions of low self-worth, have extremely critical thoughts of myself and others, and in general feel that life isn't much worth living. Then it hit me the other day during my yoga practice: these symptoms are all hallmarks of the tamas guna. Lightbulb moment.

The yoga texts say that tamas is overcome by the qualities of the rajas guna, which leads to the peaceful state of sattva. Before I go spouting off a bunch of advice of what to do if you are depressed, let me first say that if you are reading this and are actually depressed right now, just reading something, (including this blog), is already an accomplishment. Good for you! I sincerely mean that. Being depressed is truly painful and miserable. My depressed self would probably read the sentences above and think "yeah, big deal, an accomplishment, whatever, life still sucks, accomplishing stuff is stupid anyway," etc. But an accomplishment, even just surfing the internet, is an action of some sort and a step in the direction of rajas, out of the tamasic state of complete inertia.

To recap, inertia is an aspect of the tamas guna, and action, or motion, is the rajas guna (and sattva is harmonious peaceful balance, but let's not get too ambitious just yet). Almost any non-violent action one does is a good thing in this regard, including even the act of noticing your thoughts. Much of the time I don't pay any attention to my thoughts, which can lead toward a more tamasic state, because if I don't filter my thoughts, they often spiral downward to a more negative outlook. Neuroscientists say our brains are born hardwired to scan for danger and have a negative bias if left unchecked. So just noticing my thoughts is already helpful, and is the yogic practice known as sakshi bhava, or the act of witnessing without judgment. If I can just do this, I can then question the validity of the negative thoughts my depressed brain is generating. Now this step can get tricky, because one can then start judging oneself as being a "big loser"/stupid, etc., for having all these negative thoughts. Hence, getting bummed out even more because one became bummed out in the first place, as it were. If you don't suffer from depression, you are probably laughing at this point, or at least rolling your eyes in disbelief at the absurdity of it all. To my fellow depression-prone comrades, you know what I'm talking about. However, sticking with the practice of witnessing my thoughts, I notice this wicked twisting of my mind that wants to self-blame and self-criticize, and I can ask myself, "Is this particular thought really true, without a doubt?" True or not true, regardless, I can then ask myself, "Okay, so what can I do RIGHT NOW to help myself feel a tiny bit better?" (For me, at various times in my life, this was a perfect moment to either take a swig, puff or bite of something at best, naughty, and at worst, illegal, to alleviate the pain. Or go online & "conveniently" 1-click buy a bunch of random crap I didn't need nor could afford.) I have eventually learned to rephrase the question to "what healthy, appropriate thing can I do right now to help myself feel a tiny bit better?" Sometimes this means just accepting the fact that I am, in this moment, feeling depressed  -  not making a big drama out of it while at the same time not dismissing it or denying it  -  and doing something simple, like breathing in deeply and continuing the practicing of witnessing (sakshi bhava). These simple acts of breathing and observing the sensations and perceptions that arise are profound. Stuff starts to shift a little. I have even been known to do the radical act of turning off my computer and taking a shower, or even going outside for a walk! (Amazing!) The point is that action, by its very nature, is rajasic, which leads to a less tamasic state...and that much closer to the sweet state of sattva. Any non-violent action you can do is helpful. The important thing is to develop compassion for your depressed self and strive to remain non-judgmental of depression when it arises.

May we all be well!

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